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The Many Benefits of the G2 Lite Vinyl Doors

Companies across the industrial marketplace are seeking an affordable vinyl door for their limited use locations. It’s critical for organizations to consolidate costs in this area, while achieving a high performance vinyl door that offers seamless performance when required. Here at Goff’s, we recognize this important industry demand and we’ve responded with our G2 Lite Vinyl Doors. In this latest post, we’ll provide a full overview on the benefits these doors bring to businesses across the country.


For limited-use doors within industrial facilities, it’s critical they retain their durability for when seamless operation is required. Our G2 Lite Vinyl Doors are designed harnessing welded seams and the latest fiberglass components to maximize performance over many years.

High Speed Operation

Within working areas, it’s important for companies to retain the optimal working temperature for both the comfort of teams and for the optimal performance of machinery. The G2 Lite Vinyl Doors are designed for fast, effective operation, thereby minimizing the exposure of the room to the outside environment.

Fire Resistance

Teams are tasked with retaining the highest levels of safety within industrial environments, and companies must meet stringent standards to ensure compliance. The G2 Lite Vinyl Doors comply with the NFPA-701 & CSFM standards for fire mitigation, supporting outstanding protection against fire within the facility.

The team here at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is ready to guide you in selecting high quality doors for limited use areas within your organization’s facility! To learn more, call us today at 800-763-1538.

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