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Three Qualities Required in High-Performance Sound Proof Curtains

Sound proof curtains are helping work teams within busy industrial environments retain their concentration and maximize productivity. But before reviewing the marketplace and selecting the required system for your facility, it’s important to understand the qualities that all leading-class sound proof curtains have in common. Within this post, our team here at Goff’s Enterprises will examine three qualities required in high performance sound proof curtains.

 1. Strong Sound Transmission Control

Sound proof curtains must be designed to provide high quality sound transmission control within industrial environments. For example, our sound curtains are designed to offer sound transmission loss up-to 45 dB, thereby preventing the transmission of machining sounds across a small facility. It’s important that the product you select has been designed with your company’s building in-mind. Sound transmission can be impacted by various factors within a building, and so customizations must be made to ensure streamlined integration.

 2. Compact

Growing industrial organizations rarely have additional space in which to place machinery. They must make best use of the available room within their machining environment. To ensure sound proof curtains can be easily integrated within your facility, you should select products that are both compact and portable. Curtains should be collapsible to only a small percentage of their original size. This will allow for simple storage when space is limited.

 3. Construction from High Mass Vinyl

As the leading material for effective sound proofing within industrial environment, high mass vinyl is now utilized by the top manufacturers in the marketplace. High mass vinyl materials have a very small cross-section, and they’re also flexible. The large mass of the vinyl product help significantly increase the sound isolation levels between your firm’s various applications, thereby forming a powerful protective barrier within your facility.

Working with trusted specialists can ensure you locate the ideal sound proof curtains for your facility. To learn more, contact our experts directly at 800-763-1538.

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