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Three Questions to Consider when Buying Sound Curtains or Screens

Sound curtains are the leading tool to suppress noise within industrial environments. They can be used to separate working areas while protecting work teams against loud noises in nearby workspaces. But the optimal sound curtains can only be found by taking on a comprehensive market research process. For business owners, this process begins with determining the type of sound curtains available, and the product they require for their facility. To help in this process, our experts offer three questions to consider when buying sound curtains.

    1. What Level of Sound Control is Required?

The first element to consider when assessing the sound curtains on the marketplace is to review the level of sound control required. The level of sound suppression needed within the industrial environment will vary depending on the machines used. Products such as air compressors and welding equipment may require unique sound control screens to respond to the high levels of noise produced.

    1. What is the Mobility of the Equipment?

When reviewing the available equipment, it’s imperative that business owners find systems built for optimal mobility. Growing companies must use their spaces effectively, and this may involve moving sound curtains or screens across their facility as required. The screens should be designed for seamless portability, without the need for a large team to move them around.

    1. In Which Area of the Faculty Will the Curtains Be Located?

The type of sound curtains chosen will depend largely on the area in which they’re required within the facility. For example, smaller sound suppression systems might be chosen for rooms within the facility, whereas a larger piece of equipment will be required for a machining floor.

By reviewing the questions highlighted in this blog, business owners can ensure they achieve optimal value when buying sound curtains for their facilities. To learn more, speak with our expert team directly at 800-234-0337.

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