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Three Questions to Consider When Buying Sound Proof Curtains

Sound proof curtains can empower organizations in maintaining the optimal environment within their industrial facilities. They can mitigate sound control issues and allow team members to concentrate on their important work for the company. But the purchase of quality sound proof curtains requires companies to have a comprehensive understanding of the sound curtain marketplace, and so within this blog, our team highlights three questions to consider when buying sound proof curtains.

1. Where is the Noise Coming from?

In selecting their sound proof curtains, a company must analyze where the majority of the noise is coming from within their facility. They must then review the space the sound proof curtain is required to cover and then choose their product from this starting point. Working with a company that offers a range of curtain mounting options is the best way to locate a product that will fit easily within the company facility.

2. How Much Time do We Have for Installation?

It’s important to analyze the time period available for the installation of the product. Oftentimes, companies only have a small window in which to complete the installation work. This means they must select sound proof curtains that can be quickly integrated within their facility. It’s also important to consider storage. The leading products on the marketplace can be collapsed to a small percentage of their original size to offer seamless portability and ease-of-storage.

3. What Level of Product Durability Do We Require?

Durability is critical consideration when selecting sound proof curtains. Only the top models are designed to last within a challenging industrial environment for several years. Companies should select material with high mass vinyl barriers and analyze the various warranty options available in the marketplace before making their purchase.

Sound proof curtains can significantly improve the conditions within an industrial environment. But only through careful selection and collaboration with market experts can the requisite product be found. Consider the preceding questions when purchasing your next system, and speak with our experts directly at 800-763-1538 if you have any further questions concerning sound curtain manufacturing.

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