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Three Steps for Effective Integration of Sound Curtains within an Industrial Facility

Sound curtains are designed to help reduce the amount of noise within an industrial environment. They can help employees maintain their concentration and work to eliminate communication issues within machining areas. To utilize sound curtains effectively companies must first understand how to integrate sound curtains within their facility. And so within this blog we’ll outline three of the steps for effective sound curtain integration.

1. Selecting the Product

It’s important to work with industry-leading manufacturers in selecting sound curtains for a specific type of industrial environment. There are many different types of curtain on the market, and companies must consider the unique elements that must be contended with within their industrial space. Operators must review elements such as sound transmission loss and material style to ensure the optimal product is found.

2. Plan for Product Installation within the Industrial Space

To ensure all team members are prepared to utilize the new sound curtains within their working processes, it is important companies prepare comprehensively for the integration process. Managers must introduce the product to their teams, highlighting the product’s benefits and its safety features. Managers might also create a plan for the swift set-up and removal of the sound curtain to improve productivity within the facility.

3. Follow Best Practice Instructions during Installation

During the installation phase, companies must review the manufacturer’s guide to the product and create a space that is ideal for installation. It’s important to work closely with the manufacturer during installation to ensure all elements of the set-up process are completed safely and to ensure optimal product performance.

By carefully considering their Sound curtains options and plotting out the integration process for the product, companies can enhance their in-house processes and protect their workforce. To discuss the latest sound curtain products with a specialist, contact our team directly today!

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