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Three Ways to Customize Goff’s Acoustic Curtains for Your Company’s Applications

To achieve high level sound control within their industrial environments, many companies are now integrating Acoustic Curtains. These innovative partition products are designed to help reduce the transmission of sound across an industrial area and protect workforces against possible hearing damage that may result from loud machine noises. In this latest post, our team here at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. will explain three ways in which we can customize Acoustic Curtains for your firm’s applications.

Acoustic Curtain Valances

We’re able to offer a broad range of acoustic curtain valances to suit your application and environment space requirements. Our valances can be custom-sized to fit any area opening, to ensure the optimal decorative value within the industrial setting.

Custom Logos

Within high-visibility working areas, it’s important that your firm’s branding remains professional and expertly-designed. The team here at Goff’s Enterprises understands this challenge and that’s why we’re offering our Acoustic Curtains with custom logos. Clients can simply contact our team directly to provide information on their logo design needs. Our team can help you select a style that suits your on-going in-house branding requirements.

Shield Alls

The Goff’s Shield All product is designed to protect your Acoustic Curtains against dirt, grime, and overspray within your working environment. It consists of a water-based liquid that forms a protective barrier around the door. And because it can be washed off and then easily re-applied within the facility, companies can consolidate their acoustic door cleaning costs over the long-term!

Goff’s continues to place significant forethought into each of the customization options we provide. To learn more about our Acoustic Curtains and the accessories within our catalogue, contact our office team directly today at 800-763-1538.

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