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Vinyl Roll Up Doors Are A Perfect Choice for The Food Industry

Working in the food industry brings a lot of major challenges and regulations which have to be adhered to if you’re going to create foods and products which are safe for the public.  Every aspect of your facility design needs to be considered carefully, and that includes your doors.  Food industry doors need to serve all the functions you’d expect of doors in industrial spaces, along with also allowing for the higher level of hygiene needed for food preparation.

This is why vinyl roll up doors are an excellent option in a wide variety of food storage and preparation facilities.  They allow for easy cleanup, while also improving speed and productivity within your operation.

Three Big Advantages to Vinyl Roll Up Food Industry Doors

  1. Easy to clean

By far the biggest advantage to vinyl roll up doors in the food industry is how easy they are to clean.  They are fully waterproofed and can simply be hosed down – and as often as necessary. Of course, soap and other cleaning agents are also viable options.  These doors are designed to be easy to clean in all circumstances.

In addition, all components are designed to be resistant to mold, mildew, and other bacteria – so there’s no worry about drying them after being washed.  They’ll dry out on their own, without hosting any microorganisms.

  1. Reduced chances of contamination

Vinyl roll up doors can achieve IP ratings such as IP-65, making them resistant to dust and other outside contaminants.  Not all exterior doors can say this!  By being wind-tight and sealed against dust, you protect your facilities and products from the chance of stray elements making it into the mix.

  1. Rapid utilization

Motorized roll up doors can make a big difference in productivity within your facilities.  With a touch of a button (big enough to hit with one’s elbow or other body parts), the door will roll upwards in just a second or two – allowing workers to pass in and out more quickly.

Not only do our doors close automatically on a timer behind you, they are also equipped with a photo eye that will stop the door from coming down when there is something in its way – an amazing feature to avoid potential injuries.

Goff’s Enterprises Has the Solutions to Your Aperture Needs

Goff’s Enterprises specializes in innovative solutions indoors, portals, and other apertures.  Contact us today to learn how our products can improve the food industry!

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