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Why Food Manufacturing Companies are Now Using Strip Doors within their Facilities

Strip doors are quickly becoming a common sight within commercial buildings. They’re designed to separate working areas within the building and protect work teams against elements such as adverse weather conditions and excessive machining noise. Companies within the food manufacturing field are now deploying strip doors across their facilities and in this post, we’ll examine several benefits the products can have for companies in the food manufacturing and storage marketplaces.

Temperature Protection

In facilities where food must be kept at a cool temperature, strip doors provide a way for teams to easily transition from one room to another without letting warm air into food storage areas. This ensures that companies can maintain their commitment to the latest food safety regulations in regards to food storage temperature.

Bacterial Protection

Whether the company is running a food processing facility or a storage space, it’s important to prevent bacteria from entering the area. Strip doors can help restrict the level of bacteria within certain areas by controlling airborne contaminants, thereby ensuring that all products are safe for consumption by customers.

Supporting Team Productivity

By separating work teams using loud machines from the rest of the facility, strip doors can control noise within food processing area. This ensures that all team members remain focused on their work and helps eliminate mistakes that can lead to dangerous food production issues.

The latest strip doors are helping food manufacturers and processing companies achieve their operational objectives while supporting customer and employee safety. To discuss strip door options with a specialist, contact our expert team today at 800-234-0337.

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