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Why G2 Harshguard Car Wash Doors Make Sense for Your Car Wash

If you’re operating an automatic car wash, profitability hinges on being able to keep your operating costs as low as possible.  Having the right door in place can go a long way towards making this happen!  The G2 Harshguard car wash doorsfrom Goff’s Curtain Walls have been specifically designed to meet the needs of car washes, with an easy-to-use and low-maintenance solution that will help drive down the cost of doing business.

If it’s been a few years since you upgraded your doors, or there’s been any sort of incident that’s made upgrades a necessity, our G2 Harshguard products have the features you need.  They were designed specifically in consultation with other car wash owners, so that we could make them the most feature-complete car wash doors on the market.

Car Wash Doors

4 Reasons to Install G2 Harshguard Car Wash Doors

1 – Strong wind and water resistance

Car wash doors need to be able to stand up to a lot of punishment!  The G2 Harshguard is rated to handle winds of up to 45MPH, and the motor system has an IP-65 rating, making it both water and dust-proof.  No matter where you’re located, your Harshguard door will be up to the local climate challenges.

2 – Large windows for driver comfort

Too many car washes turn into dark, enclosed, even scary places once the doors are closed: that can discourage repeat customers!  Our G2 Harshguard doors incorporate large windows in their design, specifically to let in plenty of light even while the car wash itself is running.  Claustrophobes won’t fear your car wash.

3 – Rapid operation

Because the door is so lightweight, the motor can run at up to 28 inches-per-second, allowing a standard 7-foot door to open or close in less than five seconds.  Your customers will appreciate the speed and it can potentially increase your number of customers-per-day as well.

4 – Break-away design in case of impact

Accidents are always a possibility at a car wash and we’ve designed the G2 Harshguard to take that into account.  The door is designed to break away from its rails when taking a direct impact, hopefully preserving the door and allowing for rapid re-installation afterward.  It is far more impact-resistant than a typical metal door.

If you want to lower your car wash operating costs, the G2 Harshguard car wash doors available from Goff’s Curtain Wallswill do it.  Contact us for a price estimate.


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