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Why Your Organization Requires High Speed Doors

Organizations such as food processing companies depend upon the performance of their industrial doors to keep their employees safe and ensure the products they’re bringing to market are of the highest quality. Contamination is a constant concern within the food processing field and therefore firms require high speed industrial doors that can be closed quickly to protect interior areas against contamination from outside elements such as rain and bugs. In this blog, we’ll highlight the several benefits of installing high speed doors within your industrial facility.

Protection against the Unexpected

Products such as Goff’s G2 HarshGuard doors provide comprehensive protection against unexpected weather events. Stormy weather can immediately present a problem within a loading dock area of a food processing facility. Wind can knock over and break packages. And rain can cause moisture problems that contaminate products. High speed doors such as the G2 Harshguard products act quickly to reduce any contamination issues. They can also be utilized on short notice with very little special training required for operators.

Limit Dependence on Operators

Due to the single button operation of the G2 HarshGuard high speed doors, there is less dependence on machine operators to quickly move the industrial partitions during challenging environmental conditions. And because the product moves at a speed of 28 inches per second, it can be quickly in place a few short moments after a problem is discovered.


Because the G2 HarshGuard high speed doors have been wind-load-rated to 45mph, they are renowned for offering an exceptional barrier. The product also automatically resets after an impact or blow out to minimize the damage to the facility. It’s the type of infrastructural security on which the leading industrial specialists now depend.

Our team here at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is ready to help protect your facility with our leading-class high speed doors. To learn more on the full range of products offered through our catalogue, contact our team directly at 800-763-1538.

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