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Winterize Your Warehouse with Goff’s Climate Curtains

Winter is coming, and that can present serious challenges for warehouse operations – particularly in cold climates.  Effectively heating an entire warehouse can be difficult, or even impossible, which can be a big problem if you want your workers putting in maximum productivity.  Cold temperatures can quickly sap workers’ strength, as well as hurting morale.

However, we have a solution: Goff’s climate curtains!  These vinyl curtains are specifically designed to act as insulating barriers while interfering with work as little as possible.  They’re also great in any situation where you need to keep particularly hot or cold temperatures contained.

What Are Goff’s Climate Curtains?

Our climate curtains are made of two layers of vinyl, with a layer of 3M Thinsulate insulation in between.  This combination makes them extremely lightweight, as well as easy to move and work with, while still giving them superior insulative properties.

They are designed to be hung from the ceiling and can either be semi-permanent or attached to rings or rollers for easy manipulation.  Each sheet includes overlapping panels on either side so that sheets can be attached without creating gaps.  Likewise, gaps at the top and the bottom can be plugged with panel attachments, to create a cold-proofed environment.

And all this in a curtain only 1/8″ thick!

However, you utilize them, once they’re in place, they’ll give your workers plenty of protection from the cold.

Why 3M Thinsulate?

If you need a material that is thin and lightweight, but amazing at holding in heat, Thinsulate is among the best products on the market.  A single sheet of Thinsulate is only a few millimeters wide, and flexible, being made of extremely finely spun microfibers.  This makes it perfect for creating thermal curtains.

Thinsulate is widely used in many clothing industries and is typically seen in heavy-duty winter wear such as coats and gloves.  It’s also an extremely popular material for the creation of deep-dive suits, allowing divers to swim in near-freezing temperatures without putting their health at risk.

In other words, people trust their lives to Thinsulate – and that’s plenty of reason to trust in its insulating properties.

Goff’s Enterprises Has Your Wall and Door Solutions

We specialize in innovative solutions to industry problems where traditional walls and doors are unable to do the job.  Our extensive product lineup includes options for many different industries – contact us for a quote and a full consultation on our solutions!


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