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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

A Guide to Three Main Advantages of Goff’s Aero Curtain Walls

Within aircraft manufacturing and maintenance facilities, the need to protect materials against the exterior environment is critical. This means companies must deploy leading-class curtain door products that can provide durable protection while enabling seamless travel between working areas. The specialists here at Goff’s Enterprises have spent many years analyzing the aircraft manufacturing marketplace, and the company is now offering a refined solution to common process challenges through our Aero Curtain Walls. In this blog, we’ll outline three of the leading advantages of our Aero Curtain Walls.

1. Simple to Install, Easy-to-Move

Users can simply integrate Goff’s Aero Curtain Doors within their facility. The process can be completed in mere minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to the company’s working operations. In addition, the equipment can also be quickly moved during regular operations. This means when maintenance teams must separate two areas within their facility, they can quickly add Goff’s Aero Curtain Walls and then begin their work.

2. Reduced Cost Compared to Permanent Construction

The company’s Aero Curtain Doors are designed to help clients reduce the costs of separating various areas within their facility. New walls can be expensive and will limit the type of work the company can complete, while Goff’s Aero Curtain Doors can be flexibly arranged to provide the ideal working environment for those with evolving application challenges.

3. Helps Protect Work Teams and Enforce Safety Regulations

Within maintenance and aircraft painting spaces, it’s critical to maintain a safe area in which contaminants cannot be spread throughout the facility. The Aero Curtain Doors help organizations maintain the safety protocols in place within their facilities by providing a versatile yet robust barrier that protects against high temperatures, odors, sounds and lighting issues within various maintenance areas. It’s the type of system all aircraft maintenance teams need to protect their personnel over the long-term.

Our team here at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is ready to help your organization select its ideal curtain door system. To learn more on our Aero Curtain Doors, contact our offices directly at 800-234-0337.

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