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Blog: Goff’s Enterprises Builds Innovative Industrial Doors for Seamless Workplace Performance

Today’s workspaces are required to include specific factors in order to provide a comfortable working environment for employees. For this reason, proactive companies are now turning to skilled manufacturers of industrial doors and partitions such as Goff’s Enterprises.  And the organization is now a leading partner to many firms, helping them to find the ideal solution for seamless integration within their industrial space.

Industrial Doors

Goff’s Enterprises has been an industry leader within the industrial

partitioning manufacturing sector for several decades. Growing from a card table in the corner of an auto body shop in 1987 to a North American industry leader today, the organization now services firms from a range of industries including automotive, material handling, welding, woodworking, food processing, pharmaceutical, and many more. They’ve been ranked among Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in America list for two years in a row. To improve their manufacturing capabilities in scale with their growing reputation in the field, Goff’s Enterprises recently moved to a new 67,000sq.ft.facility. The company has harnessed this extra space to improve their productivity and introduce four new products to the market in the last year.

One of their recent market additions are their G2 Lite Spring Assist Industrial Doors. These solutions have been designed to support easy and hassle-free opening through the use of a durable internal custom torsion spring combined with an exclusive interior chain-pull quick release system. And because of the modular construction of these industrial doors, companies can replace any of the product’s panels with either vinyl, mesh of clear PVC depending on their application requirements.

G2 Lite Spring Assist Industrial Doors are uniquely designed to keep unwanted pests, birds and intruders out of workspaces. They also help to improve a building’s appearance. For complete working flexibility the door is fitted with a centrifugal latching system that allows it to be stopped at any position and released from both sides. It’s now available through the experts at Goff’s Enterprises.

Trusted for their innovation within the industrial door design and manufacturing fields, Goff’s Enterprises is now helping clients build safer and more productive workspaces through their complete catalogue of solutions. To learn more about the company, please contact their offices directly and speak with an in-house product specialist. Qualified technical expertise is just a phone call away.

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