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Think Spring!

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking???


Okay, maybe not exactly what you were thinking, but the truth is, it’s March 1st and spring and summer are almost here. Which also means so are the Bugs, Birds, & Heat.

Every summer we say to ourselves, we really need to find a way to keep the bugs out….. …..Or…. how can we keep the heat down in this facility? This year you can be prepared and stop the nuisances before they start with Goff’s G2 & G2 Lite Bug Blocking Doors.

Goff's G2 Lite Bug Blocking Doors

Goff’s Mesh Doors are constructed with a 17×11 vinyl mesh scrim that provides a 65% percent shade factor while still allowing fresh air flow.  They keep your facility cooler, longer and intern reduce energy costs. The mesh material is small enough to keep out flies, mosquitoes, bees, birds and more.

Goff’s G2 High Performance Mesh Doors are custom made high speed doors.  Featuring a wind load rating of 45 mph on a 10’x12’ door, G-2 Doors automatically reset after impact or blow out. Operation options include: manual chain hoist, 18” per second motorized, 28” per second motorized, and 30” per second motorized.

Goff’s G2 Lite Mesh Doors are fully customizable high speed doors designed to be an economical option for low usage bug blocking mesh dock doors. Operation options include: manual chain hoist, 18” per second motorized and 30” per second motorized.

Both models feature easily replaceable, exchangeable panels available in vinyl, mesh, and clear PVC, allowing you to swap out sections of the door with the changing of the seasons. It’s truly an all season door! All of the doors are custom made to your exact dimensions, and mounting requirements.

Give us a call and we can have one our fantastic distributors come to your facility, look at your application, and give you suggestions and a quote.

Those bugs are on the way; stop them before they arrive!

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