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How High-Speed Doors Can Benefit Your Facility Inside and Out

When it comes to bottlenecks to productivity within your facilities, one major culprit is easy to overlook due to its ubiquity:  your doors.  Have you stopped to consider how much time is lost over the course of a month, or a year, waiting on doors with difficult operating procedures, or slow movement?

In particular, doors which block access to working vehicles such as forklifts can have a major impact on your operational efficiency!

However, there’s now an alternative – lightweight motorized high-speed doors!  These doors can open 12 times as quickly as a traditional segmented overhead door and bring other operational benefits besides.  With models available for both indoor and outdoor use, they can significantly improve efficiency with a very small investment.

How Do High-Speed Doors Work?

High-speed doors are built of sturdy vinyl, with fiberglass wind bars and reinforcement.  They’re hooked onto a motorized aluminum track which quickly and efficiently moves them up or down, at speeds of up to 54″ per second at the push of a button.  They can even be remotely controlled or connected to motion detectors during business hours.

It’s as simple as that.  High-speed doors allow for high-speed work!

What Are the Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Models?

Fundamentally, almost any high-speed door can be matched to any need, just depending on the situation.  However, there are two differences commonly seen between indoor and outdoor variations.

  1. Outdoor units often come equipped with more weather-resistant exteriors. Since outdoor models are more exposed to the elements and require additional cleaning and maintenance, they’re often outfitted with material that has wash-down capabilities.
  2. Most outdoor models will also come equipped with a cover for their motor to ensure it stays well-protected even in the most adverse weather conditions.

There are also mesh variations available if you want to allow airflow between areas while still creating a barrier.  For example, a warehouse might use a large high-speed mesh door specifically to prevent the interior from becoming too stuffy, while still keeping out insects, animals, or miscreants.

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. Has Your Innovative Partitioning Solutions

We specialize in creative solutions to portal and partitioning problems!  To learn more about how our range of innovative doors can improve your operations, efficiency, and employee morale, just contact us.

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