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Improving Profitability Through Flexible Space Separation

Smart Choices in Industrial Doors Creates Significant Energy Benefits

Keeping an industrial space, such as a warehouse, properly air-conditioned is a major challenge – and an expensive one. Studies have shown that keeping such buildings cool can cost up to seven times as much as the costs to heat them.

Much of this is due to the industrial doors in use, particularly if they were poor fits for the work being done. For example, workers who have to go through the same set of doors over and over may end up propping the door open to save themselves time. This is logical from their perspective and may help improve their productivity, but it lets the cold air out quickly.

Unfortunately, this can cause numerous problems:

A better choice of industrial doors can solve these problems, and potentially improve productivity in the process.  There are numerous less-common types of doors and portals which are specifically designed for these sorts of situations.

For example:

Strip Doors are designed for situations where workers will be passing through the same door often or will have their hands full.  Strip doors present no barrier to workers, but are still highly effective at retaining air conditioning, and also keeping pests out.

Curtain Walls are highly multi-purpose because they can function as both doors and walls.  They’re typically hung from the ceiling on rollers so that they can be easily moved out of the way when needed while acting as a wall the rest of the time.  They’re also easy to relocate.

Climate Curtains are a variation on curtain walls that are designed specifically for climate control, with a layer of insulating material within the curtain.  These are excellent for preserving your air conditioning or preventing a hot activity from heating up surrounding areas.

Motorized Vinyl Doors are lightweight and can open instantly at the press of a button thanks to the high-speed motor.  Depending on your specific needs, they can either be fully solid or made out of mesh to allow airflow between areas.

Goff’s has an outstanding selection of creative door and partition designs, specifically created to improve industrial productivity while lowering maintenance and energy costs.  To learn more about how our products can improve your facilities, just contact us.


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