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Need to Keep Pests Out of Your Facility? Roll-Up Bug Doors Offer Plenty of Benefits

The problem of how to handle dock doors in a warehouse is a tricky one.  Ideally, you want the door to remain closed as much as possible – but your workers are likely to want the keep a door open for added comfort and convenience.  However, this has the major issue of allowing insects into your building.  They can disrupt operations, pester the workers or even potentially contaminate your product.

Fortunately, there is a best-of-both-worlds solution here: vinyl roll-up bug doors.  Bug doors are designed to keep pests out while being quick and easy to operate.  Better yet, they bring other advantages beyond insect control!

How Roll-Up Bug Doors Work

These doors are made of heavy vinyl, rather than metal, which makes them far lighter and easier to work with.  When hooked up to an electric motor, they can be opened or closed within seconds, and at the touch of a button.  This virtually eliminates the wasted time and other inconvenience associated with opening/closing standard dock doors, meaning that your workforce is much more likely to keep the door closed.

Better yet, if desired, these doors can come in a mesh-based design.  Then, even when closed, the door will allow a breeze to pass through.  This can significantly improve comfort levels within the warehouse!  You may even be able to reduce your reliance on internal air conditioning, saving money on cooling in the process.

Many such doors can even be made to accommodate different panels so that you can swap between mesh and solid door structures.  Then the roll-up bug doors can be used equally well whether in summer or winter.

So, you get several clear benefits here:

Goff’s Knows Alternative Door Designs!

At Goff’s, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating unique alternative partitions and portals to solve space-usage challenges around your business.  Contact us to learn more about how we can improve the use of space in your operations!

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