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The Benefits of High-Speed Doors in Industrial Operations Are Clear

Are the doors in your warehouse or other industrial operation slowing you down?  Are your employees leaving them open, despite the problems this causes, due to how inconvenient they are to operate?  If so, it may be time to look into the benefits of high-speed doors.

High-speed doors are constructed of lightweight, easily moved materials, and attached to high powered motors which can raise or lower them within moments.  This can bring numerous benefits to your operations, and at a reasonable upgrade cost which will pay for itself quickly!

Four Big Benefits from Installing High-Speed Doors

  1. Ease of use

High-speed doors can be operated at the touch of a button, and only take moments to open or close.  This is highly efficient and will reduce the chance of your doors becoming a bottleneck to use.  Plus, of course, this will encourage employees to keep the doors closed when not in use.  When they can be opened so quickly, there’s no reason to hold the doors open.

  1. Increased security

Every time an exterior door is left open, that creates a security risk – there’s always the chance someone could sneak into an unauthorized area.  High-speed doors are quite secure when closed and create a firm barrier against entry.  Thanks to their rapid mechanisms, they can remain closed whenever not actively in use, without hindering operations.

  1. Less indoor contamination 

People aren’t the only things a high-speed door can keep out!  By keeping the doors closed, there’s less chance of dust and other contaminants coming in.  Depending on your operations, this could reduce the chances of product being contaminated, or simply make the workspace easier to keep clean.  Either way, you and your workforce benefit.

  1. Improved climate control

In warehouses, especially, it can be extremely difficult to regulate the indoor climate.  Warehouses tend to be hot and stuffy even in the best of times, and it’s virtually guaranteed if doors are left open during the workday.  With high-speed doors installed, maintaining lower temperatures inside becomes much more practical, since the cold air won’t constantly be let out.

Turn to Goff’s For the Best In Commercial Doors And Portals

Since 1985, Goff’s Enterprises has been offering unique and state-of-the-art doors designed to solve efficiency problems within the workplace.  Both our range of products and our expertise are second to none!  Contact us directly for a quote.

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