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Three Questions to Ask When Purchasing Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors can help protect a work staff within a busy industrial environment. They can be used to section off busy and loud working areas to ensure that each team members’ hearing is protected throughout the working day. With many makes and models to choose from, companies must be careful when selecting their acoustic doors and must go through the process with a full assortment of information at their disposal. With that in mind, this post will focus on three questions to ask when purchasing acoustic doors.

1. Where Will the Acoustic Doors be Located When Not in Use?

This is a question that few companies consider when purchasing their new acoustic doors. However, it’s exceptionally important. Most small businesses have a limited amount of space in their machine floor, and will need acoustic doors that are compacted and can be stored safely in a smaller room in the facility.

2. How Long Do We Plan on Using the Acoustic Doors?

The durability and strength of the acoustic door is another important consideration when evaluating market options. The company’s decision makers must consider how long they plan on working with the door in their facility. There are a number of products on the marketplace, and so it’s important to get a guarantee on the product’s quality and an estimate on its lifetime performance from the manufacturer.

3. How Much Sound Control do we require?

The level of noise within the facility will dictate the type of sound control system required. It’s important to speak with industry specialists to review the sound control options available and to purchase a product that offers the ideal STC (Sound Transmission Class).

Through careful consideration of the market options, and a commitment to comprehensive research, companies can make effective choices when selecting their future acoustic doors. To learn more on the leading products, speak with our team directly at 800-234-0337.

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