How Different Materials Affect the Performance of Your Acoustic Sound Curtain

July 25th, 2019 by

An acoustic sound curtain can be a highly cost-effective way to contain loud noises in one part of your facility, without disturbing workers in other parts.  While not necessarily as purely effective at noise control as thick walls made of materials like concrete, sound curtains are far less expensive to implement.  Also, they are relatively easy to move around, so they can be repurposed if your building layout or other needs change. However, one crucial factor to consider when buying a sound curtain is which material is used for the outer layers.  Sound curtains utilize several layers of materials to…

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Need to Keep Pests Out of Your Facility? Roll-Up Bug Doors Offer Plenty of Benefits

July 15th, 2019 by

The problem of how to handle dock doors in a warehouse is a tricky one.  Ideally, you want the door to remain closed as much as possible – but your workers are likely to want the keep a door open for added comfort and convenience.  However, this has the major issue of allowing insects into your building.  They can disrupt operations, pester the workers or even potentially contaminate your product. Fortunately, there is a best-of-both-worlds solution here: vinyl roll-up bug doors.  Bug doors are designed to keep pests out while being quick and easy to operate.  Better yet, they bring other…

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The Advantages of a Curtain Divider Over Installing A New Wall

July 2nd, 2019 by

Do you need to create new partitions within your operating facilities?  The obvious choice would be to simply install a new wall… but that might not be the best choice!  Unless you’re certain the wall will be a permanent fixture in your facility, or you specifically need it to be thick or load-bearing, a curtain divider can be a much better option.  Such curtain walls bring the partionining capabilities of a wall, along with numerous other benefits. Why Curtain Dividers Make Sense for Partioning a Facility Ease of installation Curtain walls are simply hung through the ceiling, on rails or tracks that require…

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